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If saving money and being environmentally conscious is important to your business or facility, we have your solution.

Managing industrial wastewater has the unique position of being the most diverse group of challenges. Wastewater from animal processing or dairy processing of cheese is loaded with long string proteins and fat, and vegetable processing is almost completely organic matter. What they have in common is the need to increase biological activity and break down hard-to-degrade compounds prior to discharge, to meet the requirements of their permits.These compounds include:

  • Long String Proteins, Fats and Grease
  • Organic Vegetative Matter

Microbe-Lift is uniquely suited to break down these compounds with its proprietary blend of beneficial bacteria. We can reduce the long string proteins in wastewater, reducing odors, reducing sludge buildup, and reducing operating costs. Wastewater processing is designed to increase biological activity, why not increase the biology to help it accomplish the goal and stay compliant at the same time.

If saving money and being environmentally conscious is important to your business or facility, adding Microbe-Lift to your wastewater management program may be the best decision you can make. We have long-term solutions for today’s challenges.


Featured Testimonial

Chicken Hatchery, Fresno, CA

This hatchery provides chicks to large chicken processors. The main problems at the hatchery are odor in the ponds and sludge wells, and buildup of sludge made up of eggs, shells, and other long string proteins. They were on an enzymatic program that was working, but very expensive. The savings generated by the use of Microbe-Lift and the additional benefits were sufficient to warrant this trial.

 So far the results have been very good and they are considering expanding the treatment areas to the collection lines throughout the facility to minimize the maintenance needed to assure a smooth flowing system.


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