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About Us

We Can Help You Reduce or Eliminate Odor Complaints, Operating Costs and the Costs of Sludge Handling.

AquaNatural Solutions is the exclusive distributor of
Microbe-Lift products for Municipal and Industrial applications. Developed and manufactured in the United States by Ecological Laboratories.

Nature’s way of recycling its’ natural resources has been working for a very long time without any help from us, and given enough time, will eventually restore balance on its’ own. A combination of massive population growth, pollution, and overuse of corrosive chemicals has overwhelmed this natural recycling process, and made it difficult for nature to keep up with growing waste and pollution inputs from us. Unfortunately, this problem is not going away, and will continue to get worse until a practical solution can be widely implemented. Microbe-Lift products provide a broad-spectrum blend of beneficial bacteria to speed the natural process, giving waste water professionals, dairies, and industrial clients a safe, effective tool for our growing population.

In 1976 Ecological Laboratories developed proprietary harvesting and fermentation technologies that create a diverse group of stabilized, living bacteria that are capable of adapting to their environment, and performing multiple different tasks with a single product. The creation of these all-natural products have proven, over the last 38 years, to be a valuable tool for these applications and more.

Municipal applications

  • Reduction of Fats, grease and oils that build up in the collection systems and lift stations.
  • Volatile solids in the settling ponds and anaerobic digesters can be reduced.
  • Cost savings associated with the removal and handling of domestic sludge.

Industrial applications

  • Odor issues can be significantly reduced through bio-augmentation.
  • Drains, transfer lines and lift stations can be kept flowing reducing down time.
  • Sludge buildup in settling ponds can be minimized, reducing the need for dredging.

Dairy applications

  • Manure lagoons and wash lanes in addition to compliance with the State water boards.

Septic systems

  • Restoring the balance to the system to keep leach fields flowing, extending the usable life and reducing costly repairs

Lakes and Ponds

  • Microbe Lift products have been widely used worldwide as a catalyst for the restoration of the natural eco systems. In many cases breathing new life into tainted rivers and ponds.

The Truth About Bacteria

Microorganisms (bacteria) may be the most misunderstood marvel of modern engineering. As toddlers we are taught that bacteria causes disease and sickness, our mothers telling us to wash our hands and wear clean clothes to stay healthy. While it’s true that some pathogenic bacteria do cause disease, it’s the good bacteria that keep us healthy, help us process the foods we eat, and that live in, on and around us keeping our planet healthy. Truly the greatest marvel of engineering is not built on the side of a mountain out of steel and concrete or towering hundreds of feet into the sky, but under a microscope, where our biological engineers have grown, blended and fermented beneficial bacteria to provide the means to manage the waste we create in a safe, effective natural way.

All bacteria are not created equal. Bacteria are much like people, some work and some don’t. Growing the right bacteria to accomplish specific tasks is truly an art form, figuring out how to keep them stable until needed is genius. The developers and engineers at Ecological Laboratories have accomplished both of these objectives and can provide the solutions to many of the wasterwater management issues facing our planet. The inclusion of purple sulphur and green sulphur adult bacteria in conjunction with other beneficial strains make an effective combination that provides long-term economical solutions for wastewater management professionals.


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