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Solutions for cities, small and large, facing challenges dealing with waste waters from growing communities.

Cities small and large face similar challenges dealing with waste waters from growing communities. These include:

  • Sludge buildup in retention ponds
  • Fats, oils and grease buildup in sewer collection lines and lift stations
  • Increased flows and reduced budgets 


First, let’s address the problem —

Microbe-Lift technology can reduce the sludge and grease buildup in ponds, lift stations and lines while reducing the hydrogen sulfide and ammonia responsible for foul odors and crown corrosion in sewer lines.

Next let’s talk money —

Microbe-Lift treatment programs are proven to reduce the costs of maintenance and provide long-term solutions for growing communities.

Our products —

Microbe-Lift IND and Sludge-Away are built upon patented technologies that work effectively in both aerobic and anaerobic environments. Our proprietary blend of natural bacteria is capable of adjusting to varying climactic conditions and still remain effective. Add to that a shelf stable treatment product guaranteed for three years and you now have the ability to save a healthy part of your budget and free up much needed manpower for other critical projects.


Featured Testimonial

Kerman Lift Station, Kerman, CA

 A city of 14,000, Kerman is located 15 miles west of Fresno. Kerman was cited as one of the fastest growing cities in Central California with 150 percent growth since 1990. Typically, fast population growth puts a strain on local services and the city’s sewer maintenance was no exception.  

 Kerman’s sewer system is relatively new, approximately seven years of service, but has an old infrastructure. It consists of 25 grease traps leading to two lift stations. The lift stations empty into five ponds before reaching a final 48 million gallon pond that is utilized to irrigate silage crops.

The pictures below are a good example of the strain put on the new system and the ability of our biological technologies to minimize the maintenance costs associated with the problem areas.


We provide solutions in all of these areas…