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Can you afford to lose a customer because of odors from your drains, floors or grease traps?

Your restaurant lives and dies by the quality of your food, the promptness of your service and above all the cleanliness of your facility. But as hard as you try to make you restaurant the first choice when your customers are going out to eat, foul odors in your kitchen, restrooms and serving areas will cause returning customers from choosing your facility first. It can stop new customers from coming back and more importantly referring your restaurant to their friends and family.

You spend hundreds to thousands of dollars each year with signage, advertising and specials to attract new customers.

So, can you afford to lose a customer because of odors from your drains, floors or grease traps?

What about the first time customer that won’t tell you your bathroom smells?

They just don’t come back. Don’t try to cover it up fix this problem permanently today


Featured Testimonial

Cafe Via, Fresno, CA

Vent tubes are one of the toughest cleaning jobs in any restaurant. The pictures below are from Cafe Via, an Italian restaurant located in Fresno, CA.

They removed the tubes and instead of using degreasers and a pressure washer, used a mixture of Microbe Lift DGTT (mixed 5 parts water to 1 part DGTT). They then sprayed the tubes liberally and let them stand for 45 minutes. Then they just simply rinsed them with clean water.

The results were outstanding. The owner stated he had never seen any product produce the results pictured and will continue using DGTT for wash down of surfaces and floors.


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